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Saad Mahaini

Thanks Dave

Yes The ARRL Verified Honor Roll Countries in the DXCC Progress Report.  this section in the report has no data, all zeros.

In DX4WIN, when i get a confirmation for a QSO (Card or LoTW), i set the flag to "C" as in Confirmed.  If its a confirmation for a new DXCC country, band or mode, after i submit to the ARRL for credit and it gets approved, i set the corresponding flag for that award (DXCC) to C as in Checked which means it has been checked and accepted by the ARRL.  

Based on what i think you are explaining, DXLab should have used the DXCC "C" flag in the imported log for the DXCC Honor roll?  It seems that it did use it for the DXCC credit but not the Honor roll credit?

73 Saad N5FF


On Wednesday, March 3, 2021, 8:44:28 PM CST, Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...> wrote:

I have imported the log, and setup the myQTH , and so far everything checks out as far as total contries worked, bands modes, etc .

Also, got the commander interfaced to microham devices, controlling the radios, etc so that piece is all setup and working properly

I believe i'm now officially and successfully migrated, and slowly getting more familiar with the logging suite as well as the other suites

One discrepancy i noticed when i ran the DXCC progress report.  The totals are accurate, but the Honor roll list is not, for example the DXCC count is accurate at 336 but my honor roll total is 0.  Is that something that i should have flagged before importing the log, or something i need to configure in DXKeper afterwards

+ Are you referring to the "ARRL-verified Honor Roll Countries" section of the DXCC progress report? That section only counts QSOs that are marked as having been granted DXCC Award Credit. For a QSO confirmed via QSL card, that means its "QSL Rcvd" item is set to 'V'; for a QSO confirmed via LoTW, that means its "LoTW QSL Rcvd" item is set to 'V'.

+ If your QSOs have been granted DXCC Award credit but this wasn't indicated in the ADIF file you imported from DX4WIN, DXKeeper can update your logged QSOs to reflect DXCC Credits granted by downloading your DXCC Award Credit (HTML),  and "scraping" it to extract the credits. This isn't a fully automatic process because of the data entry errors and shortcuts taken when ARRL staff enter data from submitted QSL cards. See "Managing DXCC Credits" in


            Dave, AA6YQ

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