Re: Weird radio behavior with WSJT-X


On 04/03/2021 03:34, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
@ more AA6YQ comments below

+ I suggest that you first configure Commander to reliably switch your K3 between RX and TX using CAT commands.

1. To avoid the lockup defect, disconnect the external interface that is generating the backpanel PTT signal.

2. Uncheck the "Suppress CAT" box in the PTT panel on the 
Configuration window's General tab

3. Lower your K3's RF ouput power to 0, and tune to a clear amateur 

4. Using the TX and RX buttons in the PTT panel on the Configuration window's General tab, repeatedly switch between RX and TX. Does the K3 obey these commands without locking up?
item (1) is tricky since with the K3S, or any K3 with a USB connection, the PTT signals are on the same virtual serial port as the CAT traffic. 
The RS-232 and USB virtual serial port RTS and DTR connections on a K3 are effectively in parallel.

@ Thanks, Bill! I should have included an additional step 2.5 in the instructions above:

2.5 For A K3S, or any K3 with a USB connection, On the Configuration window's Ports tab,  set the DTR and RTS selectors in the "Primary CAT Serial Port" panel to "Off".


                  Dave, AA6YQ

Hi Dave,

the default K3 configuration (CONFIG:PTT-KEY) has external PTT and FSK keying disabled, that applies to both the RS-232 port and the virtual USB serial port. So although it is correct to not configure Commander to try and PTT the rig via RTS or DTR if CAT PTT is being used, it will only have an effect if the rig's CONFIG:PTT-KEY option is also set to something like RTS-DTR as opposed to the default OFF-OFF.




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