Re: Help on state column

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I went into ADV tab and tried filtering QSO's for a state.

+ An SQL filter for a particular state - say Florida - would look like this:


So I used Modify QSO's in log display and now all my states are erased.

+ The "Modify QSOs" function makes changes you specify to all QSOs in the Log Page Display. What led you to believe that this was the appropriate function to use to view all QSOs with a particular state?

Is there an easy way to get them back?I tried the CBA and that did work.Normally I would just save as "save as" and create a new file then reload my old file back in.I have some QSO that aren't saved to back up yet.

+ Yes:

1. Filter the Log Page Display (by date range) to contain only the QSOs not present in your most recent backup

2. Export the QSOs in the (filtered) Log Page Display to an ADIF file

3. On the Configuration window's Files tab, click the Recover button, and select your most recent log backup file

4. Import the ADIF file you created in step 2

+ I strongly recommend reviewing the documentation for any DXLab function that you previously have not used - before you use it!



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