Re: Weird radio behavior with WSJT-X


Hi Rick,

sounds like you do not have the K3 menu option CONFIG:PTT-KEY set correctly for RTS keying via RS-232/USB. You said you have Commander set to key the rig using the CAT port RTS line. You probably need to select CONFIG:RTS-DTR to match your Commander configuration, or the default OFF-OFF and let Commander use CAT commands for PTT by unchecking "Suppress CAT".

It also seems you so not have multiple PTT sources, unless something like DATA-VOX is also enabled, so the initial diagnosis may be wrong.


On 03/03/2021 18:12, Rick via wrote:
Bill: I unchecked the "suppress CAT" box, as per the instructions and found the radio no longer keys -- even when using the "TX" button on the main screen of Commander. Curious. I'm wondering it the issue lays elsewhere.

On Wednesday, March 3, 2021, 12:44:12 PM EST, g4wjs <> wrote:

On 03/03/2021 17:40, Rick via wrote:
For example do you have "Suppress CAT" unchecked
in the Commander PTT panel?

Bill, that box is not checked.
I feel fairly certain this is something *I* have screwed up -- I don't
exactly hear a flood of folks with the same issue. And, there are a
LOT of folks using this excellent software (DXLab and WSJT) with K3s.

Hi Rick,

that'll probably be the issue. Note item 4(d) here:

I don't have any ideas on the similar issue with your Flex Radio 6300.



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