Re: Weird radio behavior with WSJT-X


On 03/03/2021 12:30, Rick via wrote:
When using WSJT-X with my K3S I occasionally see very bizarre behaviors. Occasionally the radio remains in TX and can only be shut down by powering off the radio. Once in a while the radio goes into TX normally but there is no modulation. A "tune" produces no power -- occasionally.

What I've done to work with this:
1. Reviewed all available documentation. (There is a lot of very good documentation. I think all settings have been checked and are as recommended.)
2. Changed radios. (This exact problem also occurred with the Flex 6300 that was in use at this location before I changed back to Elecraft.)
3. Exited and re-entered WSJT-X. (This will solve the problem temporarily.)
4. Ensured the correct "sound cards" are elected. (They are -- even though Windoze occasionally tampers with them.)
5. Updated all software. (These events occurred with prior versions of Commander and WSJT-X and persist with the current versions.)
6. Checked other modes. (The lack of control occurred once while using RTTY, never with CW and never with phone.)
7. Checked all connections. (All OK. The K3S is connected to the computer via USB.)
8. Changed power. (Occurs at exciter power as well as when driving the KPA500 hard.)

Anyone have any suggestions as to where to go from here?

you need to give us more information. Let;s start with just the K3. What do you have checked for "Settings->Radio->PTT Method" in WSJT-X? What PTT method are you using in Commander for your K3?




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