Re: QSL Date Format

Kenneth Johansson

That is, ideed, the only proper and safe way to do it- Kudos Gary!

2021-03-03 09:11 skrev Gerhard "Gary" Jaeger, DF2RG:

Good morning Dave,
I just would like to ask whether it is possible to change the QSL Date
Format to be printed on cards to dd-mmm-yyyy (4 digit year), of course
English month abbreviation.
So far this is only possible when you use the ISO 8601 format yyyy-mm-dd.
As an old fashioned European, I would like to use "03 Mar 2021", which
makes clear that it is not 21 March (20)03 ...
By the way, WHO is actually using LOCAL month abbreviations? Can just
be the local VHF/UHF guy talking to locals from town only 😉
73 de Gary, DF2RG

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