Re: CQ 160 SSB contest submit problem

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below:

Basic user here and setup for contest and went ok as logged thru the capture
window and could log and change exchanges as necessary.

Went to print the Cabrillo report and it did not include the state/prov but did include
the 59 part of the exchange. Noticed in the DXKeeper window and Log QSOs tab
all the info is there except not in the area where all the qsos are shown. I only have
a few of the columns I normally want there. I assume (hate that Hi.) that I need the exchange
for state/prov there also which I do not have in there.

What do I need to add or check-mark to get the report to add them. Also agn assume need to
do a manual scoring of results or other items like times off.  Most all else seems ok.

+ Instructions for recording exchange information are provided in the large table in

+ The third paragraph of this section of the reference documentation is importantant:

"Making a few test QSOs before the contest and verifying that a proper Cabrillo log can be generated is strongly recommended."

+ DXLab's support for contesting is limited supporting DXers who participate in contests in search of "new ones", and do their part by providing accurate exchanges and by submitting checklogs.

+ Serious contesters in search of rate and scoring information should use a contesting application. Many serious contesters employ N1MM, and then import their contest QSOs into DXKeeper after the contest is over. Some contests use the N1MM-DXKeeper bridge to convey each contest QSO to DXKeeper as it is logged in N1MM.


             Dave, AA6YQ


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