Re: QSL printing size problem

Knut Meland

Brilliant, Dave! Thanks.

73 de Knut LA9RY

Den 01.03.2021 20.59, skrev Dave AA6YQ:

Thanks, Dave. Problem solved. It takes some time adjusting, cut and try so to say. Now it is fine.
I use to have one card layout from my home qth and one from my summer house.

Is it possible to save the layouts for later use?

+ Yes:

1. terminate DXKeeper

2. save DXKeeper's settings to a Workspace named "HomeQTH"

3. start DXKeeper and configure it for your summer QSL cards

4. terminate DXKeeper

5. save DXKeeper's settings to a Workspace named "SummerQTH"

6. next summer, terminate DXKeeper and load its settings from your "SummerQTH" Workspace

+ Step-by-step instructions are in "Saving and Loading Windows Registry Settings" here:


Dave, AA6YQ

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