Re: Support for icom ID-5100


On Mon, Mar 1, 2021 at 12:21 PM, Peter Laws / N5UWY wrote:
DF4OR has a (metric) ton of CI-V stuff here, but his fascination ran
out some years ago. So, as a result, there isn't much new stuff
there. As you've found, the basic commands are all the same. Where
the command set really goes crazy is with the $1A subcommands - that's
where all the "unique to a particular model" stuff seems to go.

Icom has never been really good at documenting CI-V but the site above
is a good stand-in. Maybe we should see if the author would let us
convert that to a Wiki and expand on it ...
Thanks, I'm working on something similar specifically made for the ID-5000. I already have a console (dos) application in alpha mode with almost no features, but this is going to be the test base for a more user friendly windows application. My goal is to have a command line that works under linux and windows and a gui application that works on Windows that will mimic the LCD screen.


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