Re: Commander won't launch

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below
apparently in bring back a station backup from Carbonite, it overwrote with a corrupt file
+ That doesn't make me feel very confident in my own use of Carbonite as my cloud backup solution.

glad it is working though, I am quite spoiled by using these fine programs and really feel crappy when my system prevents that.

I am doubly backed up; to external hard drive and external with Carbonite; good thing because the local one was shot with errors (tried it first due to low internet speeds).

+ What kind of errors did you encounter in your local backup? I use StorageCraft Shadow Protect for automatic daily backups to a network-accessible set of hard drives. On several occasions, I have mounted a backup volume and successfully restored files.


It first started when trying to bring my new system back up; initially DX lab stuff was all working following directions on the wiki you sent me; but when I brought back my other files it cratered the .ocx file in question.

+  Are you saying that directing Carbonite to restore applications other than your DXLab applications damaged one of your DXLab application files?


Immediately after that it barfed; there was an internet outage during the restore of files from off site. Next time I have to restore from offsite, I will go to my son's house and use his better, faster  internet service.

+ In my view, making your local backup and recovery mechanism reliable should be your first priority. A cloud-based backup and recovery capability is important for disaster recovery, but its recovery is too slow for "normal" use.


                  Dave, AA6YQ

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