Re: LoTW and eQSL status of QSO's uploaded from HRD Logbook

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Points well taken and I need to invest the time to learn. I selected the most recent CSO's that did not have confirmation status (about 18). I had them in the add-selected area of the QSL tab but when I synchronized the QSO's and QSL's, it seemed to do more than these (I thought the action would be limited to these). LoTW sync produced no errors. eQSL produced 100+ errors. I found info for the error: " no QSO matching callsign, band, and mode". I did not modify any of these parameters and they all showed with no errors in HRD Logbook (not that it matters) which was the source of the data. I found info on how to correct the errors and will look at it but I might have overwritten the error.log because I think it might have used the same name when I ran it again right after the first time (where I had far fewer errors). Clearly I need to do more learning. I might just delete my log and re-import the HRD ADIF file again and start over, hopefully on the right path. Thanks for the info.

+ It would be better to first find the root cause of the "no QSO matching callsign, band, and mode" error when invoking "Sync eQSL QSOs". Pick one QSO that generates this error, and compare the information in your DXKeeper log with the information in


Dave, AA6YQ

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