Re: LoTW and eQSL status of QSO's uploaded from HRD Logbook

Norm - KC1BMD

Points well taken and I need to invest the time to learn. I selected the most recent CSO's that did not have confirmation status (about 18). I had them in the add-selected area of the QSL tab but when I synchronized the QSO's and QSL's, it seemed to do more than these (I thought the action would be limited to these). LoTW sync produced no errors. eQSL produced 100+ errors. I found info for the error: " no QSO matching callsign, band, and mode". I did not modify any of these parameters and they all showed with no errors in HRD Logbook (not that it matters) which was the source of the data. I found info on how to correct the errors and will look at it but I might have overwritten the error.log because I think it might have used the same name when I ran it again right after the first time (where I had far fewer errors). Clearly I need to do more learning. I might just delete my log and re-import the HRD ADIF file again and start over, hopefully on the right path. Thanks for the info. 

73, Norm/KC1BMD

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