Re: DXKeeper - LotW Sync QSO and QSLs - Not Responding

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

There is something clearly wrong in Jon’s software configuration given the following information Jon Getfall has provided:

Item one: “I run an eight-core i7 with 64GB of RAM and have over 1GB of free space on my NVME SSD's. Resource monitoring shows vast amounts of headroom in terms of processor, network bandwidth, and memory utilization. I have no issues with my system and the many things it does. So, it's elusive. I'm going with a latent defect in Windows, but what is triggering it is... inexplicable.”

Item two: “Memory is 41% utilized, CPU is 40%, Disk and Network are 0%, and GPU is 8%. I don't have the skills to look into the number of open file handles, etc. But there are no other evident issues with closing, opening, and using numerous applications that would consume additional resources, open file handles and network connections, allocating memory, etc.”

Item three: “I never, ever run anti-malware software. They're the main source of problems. IMO, but YMMV, of course. I do run regular standalone scans and always come up clean. The built-in Windows 10 firewall does its thing, and my Unifi Software Defined Network's firewall is doing a lovely job as well. But agreed, what's in place is in place when it works and when it doesn't.”

I, w6de, run an i7 6-core system, NVME SSD, 16 GB memory and I almost never see 40% CPU utilization. I see peaks of CPU use only when running WSJTX at its end of receive decoding. My quote of Jon in item two clearly points to a software conflict or undetected malware infestation.

+ Excellent point, Dave! The 40% CPU consumption is a definitely red flag. The Windows Task Manager should reveal the source of this.


Dave, AA6YQ

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