Re: LoTW and eQSL status of QSO's uploaded from HRD Logbook

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I'd like to know if it matters whether I uploaded the QSO's using HRD instead of using DXKeeper (i.e. does DXKeeper care)?

+ LoTW doesn't know which application submitted QSOs, and so can't report this information when directed to provide it.

I understood that LoTW would not know how data was submitted but thought DXKeeper might care if it tracked whether it uploaded the data or not. But OK, I understand. After looking at my log more carefully, it seems that the eQSL and LoTW data was populated when I imported the ADIF, so I think I only have the 18 newest QSO's to sync for both online systems.

Maybe I'll switch from HRD logbook to DXKeeper for everything if I can get accustomed to it. The capabilities (and number of configuration items) is a little daunting and there lots of ways to mess things up, whereas the HRD Logbook could be used as a graphic on "Logging for Dummies" (hi). I do back up my DXK log on exit, so that should help if I run into problems.

+ DXLab was designed for users willing to make the investment of time required to effectively use its advanced capabilities. Yes, being able to modify thousands of QSOs en masse means that you can "mess things up" if you haven't ever reviewed the documentation and fail to backup your log beforehand - but it's mighty handy when you've imported a file of QSOs whose times were recorded in PST instead of UTC, or whose Station Callsign items are all incorrect. Yes, it takes time to learn how to exploit SpotCollector's Spot Database to identify propagation openings between your QTH and needed DX stations, and to discern the operating patterns of those needed DX stations; aggressive DXers are happy to traverse that learning curve - rather than spend time in pileups with the cluster hordes.

+ There's nothing wrong with using a simpler application if it better meets your needs.


Dave, AA6YQ

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