Re: DXKeeper - LotW Sync QSO and QSLs - Not Responding

Jon Gefaell

You're not alone. I reported this same issue in this thread

and was advised:

+ Your next step should be to diagnose and correct your Windows system.

There do not appear to be any apparent issues with my Windows system, however. Other than Windows being Windows. LOL

Instead of syncing whenever I like, I reboot, start only DX Keeper, do the sync which usually works, then start up the rest of my software. IIWII.

However, it is nice to see someone else is having this issue, just from the perspective of independent replication. The trick would be to troubleshoot the behavior somehow. I could trace system calls in Unix, but I am not proficient at this on Windows. 

Something your and my systems are doing is causing the issue, but it's elusive and does not seem to be experienced by others. This certainly seems to explicate DX Keeper.  

On Sat, Feb 27 2021, at 11:05 AM, Hank wrote:

Problem:  When running LotW QSO or QSL sync, get:  "DXKeeper online QSO or QSL) sync (not responding)." This requires closing DXKeeper to kill the sync window.
Closing and reopening DXKeeper continues to fault.  If I reboot the computer the syncs function for a few times then eventually get the same, "not responding."  Another strange one, when the syncs function following a computer reboot, each sync of QSO and QSL LotW always responds with 1 QSO or QSL synced.

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