DXKeeper - LotW Sync QSO and QSLs - Not Responding


Hey folks.  Been using DXLab for years, and finally hit an issues I could resolve.  Looking for Devine guidance:
Problem:  When running LotW QSO or QSL sync, get:  "DXKeeper online QSO or QSL) sync (not responding)." This requires closing DXKeeper to kill the sync window.
Closing and reopening DXKeeper continues to fault.  If I reboot the computer the syncs function for a few times then eventually get the same, "not responding."  Another strange one, when the syncs function following a computer reboot, each sync of QSO and QSL LotW always responds with 1 QSO or QSL synced.
Confirmed all LotW settings are good.  Able to login to LotW - no issue.
DXKeeper and TQSL are allowed in/out through windows 10  firewall.
Restored DXKeeper - no change
EQSL syncs with no issues.
Appreciate any suggestions

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