DXKeeper 1.1.4

Dave, AA6YQ <dhb@...>

At the suggestion of Rich W3ZJ, DXKeeper 1.1.4 introduces a QSO Capture
window. This relatively modest window allows one to quickly capture and log
QSOs. To "raise" this window, click the Capture button on Log tab of DXLog's
main window. Online help has not been updated, but the Capture window's
tooltips should be sufficient for now. If you've installed DXKeeper 1.1.1 or
later, you can upgrade to version 1.1.4 by downloading and then running
www.qsl.net/dxkeeper/DXKeeper114Update.exe . An online help update is way

The Telnet DXCluster interface and SpotCollector applications are working
well enough to support my personal DXing, but there are quite a few rough
edges to be smoothed before beta testing can begin. Unfortunately, they
haven't helped me much with 3G0Y or 5H3RK on topband...

While flying home from California last week, I extracted the propagation
prediction code from the first-generation DXLab, and have it limping along
as a standalone application. After arranging for it to interoperate with
DXView (for point-and-click propagation), I'll post it at

Rich has also created and will moderate an e-mail reflector for the DXLab
family of applications. I plan to use this reflector to describe future
updates, and so encourage you to sign up if you're still interested in
driving or tracking the evolution of this software. You can subscribe by
sending a message to dxlab-subscribe@..., or by visiting
http://www.qsl.net/dxlab/reflector.htm .


Dave, AA6YQ

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