Re: dxkeeper and wsjtx and gridtracker (on another hosts) scenario.

The Romagni's

Nevermind!!! I had a senior IT moment for a minute... now all is working... here is my setup and solution if anyone is interested:

1- WSJTX runinning on my main Ham Radio PC a long with dxlabs (dx keeper)...
on wsjtx I set up muticasting at udp to and port 237.

2- on Raspberry Pi running Gridtracker, I have enable the multicast address and port to match wsjtx. So maps in Gridtracker are now working.

3- Now lets get the qso's over to dxkeeper by going into the Logging setup secction of GridTracker, and enable dxKeeper, and add the IP address of my Ham PC and port 520000

All working now... Again Carl thanks for your post, that allowed to see beyond the issue... you know us IT Guys love to complicate things sometimes...


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