Re: trouble with creating address file for QSL labels

Dave AA6YQ

Hi. I am having some trouble with the subject. I am trying out producing some 'old fashioned' QSL cards with labels and I guess I expected the software to download the addresses of the QSOs I made to the address file. However, only the call signs are listed in the file and no addresses have been downloaded.
Maybe this is a config issue? I have a subscription with fyi.

+ If you wish to print an address label from a QSO, that QSO's Address item should be populated -- either manually, or via a callbook lookup -- before the QSO is added to the QSL Queue.

+ If the address report doesn't show any addresses, that's because the Address items in the QSOs in the QSL Queue are empty.

+ If you have only a few QSOs in the QSL Queue, you can double-click each entry, and c=lick the Callsign or Manager button in the "Callbook lookup" panel in the "QSL Editor" window that appears; assuming you have DXKeeper configured for access to a callbook, the "QSL Editor" window's Address box will be updated with the results of the lookup; clicking the Save button will update the Address information in the QSL Queue and in the logged QSO.

+ If you have more than a few QSOs in the QSL Queue, then

1. clear the QSL Queue

2. filter the Log Page Display to contain the QSOs whose Address items you want populated with callbook information

3. depress the Control key while clicking the CBA button above the Log Page Display

4. repopulate the QSL Queue with the QSOs for which you wish to generated QSL cards and address labels

5. generate an Address Report to confirm that the addresses are now present

+ For information about filtering the Log Page Display, see "Filtering QSOs" in

+ For information about configuring and using callbooks, see "Using Callbooks" in


Dave, AA6YQ

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