Re: Empty DXLab directory

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Thanks for that info Scott. After changing the location of the audio recording directory in WinWarbler I found the DXLab folder was still being created every time I ran DXLab Launcher. I checked DXKeeper>Config>General>Audio Recording Config and you are correct, I needed to update the path there as well.

After changing the path in both WinWarbler and DXKeeper, the empty "DXLab" directory is still being created in my Documents folder! I started each of the DXLab applications one at a time and found it's DXKeeper that insists on creating the empty directory. I don't see any other setting in DXKeeper>Config that might cause the folder to be created and everything seems to be working so I'll just ignore it.

+ Both DXKeeper and WinWarbler will create a "QSO Audio" folder on startup if one doesn't already exist. That's so that any difficulty in creating the folder can be immediately resolved, rather than waiting until the point in time where you decide to record an important QSO you're making or about to make.


Dave, AA6YQ

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