Re: Interconnection DXLab <-> SaPC32 <-> WSJT

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I try to run my ICOM IC-9700 with a DXLab <-> SatPC32 <-> WSJT setup. Therefor I have configured:

1) IC-9700 to SatPC32 via COM-port
2) DXLab Commander connected to SatPC32 using Commander Radio type "SatPC32"
3) WSJXT Radio Type "DXLab"

This will not run. Only DXLab with one of those additional programs is doing fine, but never all three combined together. Am I am doing something wrong? Or is it not designed for such a type of usage?
Thanks for your help.

+ When Commander's "Radio Model" is set to SATPC32, SATPC32 controls your transceiver, not Commander; Commander's transceiver control functionality is limited to reporting the uplink and downlink frequencies and modes it receives from SATPC32.

+ WSJT-X does not appear to support SATPC32 for transceiver control. If that's the case, all you can do is configure WSJT-X to control your radio via Commander, configure Commander to control your transceiver, and manually set the transceiver's uplink and downlink frequencies during the pass, following the frequencies displayed by SATPC32.



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