Re: Suggestion/wish regarding QSO # when using descending order

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

This suggestion is for when log display is not filtered:
When I sort my log in descending order, the QSO # shown above the log display is #1. It is my last QSO so, in my mind, it makes more sense for it to be numbered accordingly. Currently that is 62500.

+ The number between the VCR-like controls just above the Log Page Display shows the position of the currently-selected QSO within the Log Page Display based on the current sort order. It is not a "QSO number".

+ When a new QSO is logged, it is assigned a unique QSO number; this UNIQUE QSO number can be viewed in the "unique" item in the Auxiliary panel on the Main window's "Log Page Display"; you can add a column for it to the Log Page Display, if you wish. See


Dave, AA6YQ

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