dxkeeper and wsjtx and gridtracker (on another hosts) scenario.

The Romagni's

Hi Guys,

I am going in circles here, here is what I am trying to do, I am trying to integrate WSJT so the log info goes to Gridtracker and DXKeeper - Here is what I got so far, and where I am having issues:

1- WSJTX sending data to Gridtracker in another hosts (LINUX Raspbian) - using IP (multicast) and port 2239. This works perfectly.
2- My issues is getting now that data into dxkeeper, I played with GridTracker Logging section, enabled DXKeeper, and I tried using port 52001 both as localhost or setting back to a multicast address (Not working).

I am going in circles with part 2, maybe I am overcomplicating things... any suggestions?



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