Re: Script Error

Julio Peralta

Yes I know PF is IE.

Well I did several lookups using the other
services in PF some displayed the Script error
some did not. The last one I tried was QRZ and no
Script Error so I minimized PF as I usually run it
and the script Errors have stopped.


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Subject: Re: [DXLab] Script Error

+ AA6YQ comments below

IE is not showing an error message with each
lookup. It appears that it is only with PF. PF is
completing the look up.

+ Pathfinder *is* IE, Julio.

+ Is Pathfinder displaying script errors for every
web page in every online callbook, every web page
in just one online callbook
(which one?), or just some web pages in just one
online callbook (which web page?).

+ I just directed Pathfinder to display QSL
information for 10 different callsigns around the
world -- including yours -- but
encountered not a single script error report.


Dave, AA6YQ

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