Re: Exporting from DX4WIN to DXLab


You might also find some helpful information from these two article in the DXLab Wiki:


The DXLab WIKI has a lot of how-to-do-it articles.  You might bookmark the WIKI for future reference:

Use the search box in the upper right corner.  Be imaginative with your searches, I found the above two articles by searching for à multiple ß



Dave, w6de


From: [] On Behalf Of Saad Mahaini via
Sent: Monday, February 08, 2021 05:50
To: DXLab Reflector
Subject: [DXLab] Exporting from DX4WIN to DXLab


Hello Friends,


I've been getting my feet wet with DXLab over the last few months and got everything installed and working well now.


I have not yet moved my log, but i believe I'm ready for the final step and to make the move now


I read the instructions on importing the ADIF and i assume DX4WIN exporting the log to ADIF should be straight forward also


I have one log for Qs i made with two call signs and four different QTHs.  I also have another log with different call and QTH. 


Anything i should be aware of before i start the process? 


73 Saad N5FF




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