Slow Spotcollector - Database size

Steve Wedge

Good afternoon, all!

I wasn't aware that there was a setting in Spotcollector to limit the size of the spots database.  My SC was taking an extremely long time to come up and was getting worse with time.

There is a setting in the Config window, on the "Spot Database" tab with a subpanel called "Size Control".  Set this to prune entries after how ever many days you want (I chose 7 days) and told it to "Prune Database on startup".

Everything is running great now!  By spot database had been accumulating for years and was at about 1.5 GB!  This computer has a mechanical hard drive but a database THAT big would probably slow down a SSD noticeably, as well.

This was a very simple solution to a vexing problem.  TNX to K4QE for coming up with this suggestion.

Steve Wedge, W1ES/4

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Steve, W1ES/4

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