Re: DX Commander with an IC-7300 and SDR Console

Dave AA6YQ

@ more AA6YQ comments below

> + What is "SDRC"?

SDR Console V3 (Simon's package).

@ If that's the case, he should connect "SDR Console" to Commander's Secondary CAT port. That will eliminate the problem of two different applications trying to control the same transceiver via the same COM port.


Dave, AA6YQ

On 2021-02-09 1:07 PM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

It turns out his problems are deeper than DXCommander, he can't even
get the following programs to cooperate, without DXC.

Since it no longer involves DXC, but appears�to be a WSJT-X > SDRC >
OmniRig > IC-7300 problem, I won't trouble the list with any more
details. I have a long explanation with pictures and settings, but
that has no place on this list.

Without the details, this is where he is stuck and I'll leave it at
that. Thanks for trying to help:

In synopsis.. I can run WSJTX�� __OR__�� SDRC but not both Using
OmniRig and trying for full CAT between all devices.

I CAN use SDRC, WSJTX and a Kwd TS2000� all at once and have full
CAT/PTT between all players.

+ What is "SDRC"?

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