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Joe K2UF


I am using 2 Yaesu rotors but am driving them directly from the arduino.
Just reading the rotor pot and driving the rotors with a dc power supply to
the desired position. Have I 'painted' myself into a corner?

73 Joe K2UF

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I have a homebrew arduino based rotor control and antenna selector. Is
there a way I can click on a spot and have spot collector field values put
out on a com port for input to the arduino. I would like the station
azimuth avilable to my controller.

Any hints how I can accomplish this if possible.

+ You can do that by making the software running on your Arduino emulate
+ the protocol used by one of the rotator controllers that
DXView supports. If you tell me which protocol you've chosen, I will tell
you what commands your software should accept.


Dave, AA6YQ

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