Re: Yaesu rotor control stops working, locks up DXView

Salvatore Besso


I could say that it's not a defective COM port or driver, it's only a matter of power. I also have the ERC interface. It happens, sometimes, when transmitting with quite high power, especially on the lowest bands, that the interface simply hangs, hanging also DXView. Detaching and reattaching the USB cable frees DXView and the interface works again. But this is not the solution; I've bought an Amidon ferrite ring, FT-240-31, on which I will wind a consistent portion of the USB cable (a quite long cable is needed for this, at least a couple of meters, since the ferrite ring is very big). This should cure the problem for good. But check also for R.F. circulating in the shack.

73 de
Salvatore (I4FYV)

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