Re: How to speed up the loading times: DXLauncher + DXKeeper

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Yes, I'm replying to an old thread...but I'll add this information for the benefit of those who may search for this information in the future.

Over the weekend, I put a new PC into service as my primary shack PC. Spotcollector and DXKeeper are running MUCH MUCH better on the new PC.

The software installed/running on the new machine is pretty much the same as the old PC, although the new machine has the advantage of not having any residual "cap" from old+uninstalled or old versions of software.

I now suspect my SC performance issues on the old PC might have been partially addressed if I had done a complete system wipe/reinstall. (The new machine does have a better processor and more RAM than the old machine...but the old machine handled SpotCollector FB when running in safe mode, so I don't think those upgrades provided the relief.)

+ If performance was acceptable when Windows was booted into "Safe mode with networking", then one of the applications being automatically started by Windows when booted normally was responsible. Anti-malware is usually the culprit, but other applications can also cause trouble; see "Applications that can Interfere with DXLab Applications" in


Dave, AA6YQ

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