Re: Exporting from DX4WIN to DXLab

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ omments below:
I've been getting my feet wet with DXLab over the last few months and got everything installed and working well now.
I have not yet moved my log, but i believe I'm ready for the final step and to make the move now
I read the instructions on importing the ADIF and i assume DX4WIN exporting the log to ADIF should be straight forward also
I have one log for Qs i made with two call signs and four different QTHs.  I also have another log with different call and QTH. 
Anything i should be aware of before i start the process? 

+ QSOs made with different "station callsigns"  and/or from different locations within the same DXCC entity can be store in the same log, each with a "myQTHID" the referencing the "myQTH" from which is was made. That's because DXKeeper considers all QSOs within a log to count towards the same DXCC awards.

+ Review "Switching to DXKeeper from Another Logging Application" in

+ noting in particular step 4.b.

+ An intermediate step you could take is to export your log from DX4Win into DXKeeper, setup each "myQTH", and update your logged QSOs (en masse) to reflect the correct "myQTHID" - while continuing to log QSOs in DX4WIN. Format the log page display to your taste, and try generating progress reports. When you're comfortable with that functionality, delete the QSO from your DXKeeper log, leaving the "myQTH" definitions in place. Export your logged QSOs from DX4WIN, import them into DXKeeper, and repeat the modifications en masse to make your logged QSOs reference the correct "myQTHIDs". 

+ This approach does cause some work to be done twice, but better to familiarize yourself with more of DXKeeper before making the cut-over.


               Dave, AA6YQ



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