Re: Outgoing spot

eddy on5jk

Thanks Dave, finaly the Sysop discovered the culprit.

VE7CC had changed grid-commands without informing the Sysop of ON0DXK-cluster.

<set/grid> now became <set/dxgrid> (and <set/nogrid> became <set/nodxgrid>)

At least,that's what the Sysop told me.

73 de Eddy ON5JK

Op 30/01/2021 om 16:59 schreef Dave AA6YQ:

+ AA6YQ comments below
In every spot i am sending, i see that tere's always "JO21" at the end of the spot notes.

Sometimes i see spots from other stations with their QRA-locator on the end, sometimes there is not.

Is there a place to select when sending a spot, with the locator or not?
+The cluster node you're using to convey outgoing spots is doing that, not SpotCollector.
How many caracters a spot note can contain as a maximum?

+ 29 characters.


             Dave, AA6YQ


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