Special Call Signs support request - W1EBM

Gary Smetana

Hello Dave & the group,

Trying to use Spot Collector's "Special Call Signs" in an annual event.    Hit a speed bump.

I downloaded the newest list of calls, from G4FOC and stored the file.

Using Spot Collector's CONFIG button, I selected the "Special Call Signs" tab.

Clicked LOAD, and transferred the new member file into "Special Call Signs."  I could see the 1,500 calls listed.  Good.

Entered some calls to "test" using DXcapture.
Clicked LOOKUP, and the info from the Special Call Signs file can be seen in DXkeeper for those special calls.  Good.

THE ISSUE:  All new Members can be seen in a scroll of "Special Call Signs" in Spot Collector.   Good.
                    But, using DXcapture's LOOKUP:  these new calls get NO response from DXCapture's LOOKUP.   Nothing.
                    What am I doing wrong ?

EXPANDED ISSUE:  Using DXcapture LOOKUP, I tested  randomly-selected calls (not limited to the newest calls).
                               Some are NOT shown in DXkeeper, even tho' they are visible in the Special Call Signs list. 

                               Corrective action, please.

Gary W1EBM

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