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Dave AA6YQ

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I understand that but it keeps a record of all your contacts and charts them you. Clubs use this to post in their newsletters
for members to show DXCC totals etc. That is why I want it to be accurate. so i guess I can update any QSO by relogging it then it will work? Correct? 

+ It should never be necessary to "relog" a QSO. Here's how DXLab supports uploading to Club log:

+ You can configure DXLab to automatically upload each newly-logged QSO to Club Log. This sets that QSO's "Club Log" item to 'Y', meaning "uploaded to Club Log"

+ If you modify a logged QSO's Entity, Frequency, Band, Mode, Date, Time, Propagation Mode, "QSL Rcvd", or "LoTW QSL Rcvd" items, that QSO's "Club Log" item will be set to 'M' (meaning "modified since last uploaded to Club Log")

+ If you click the Upload button in the "Club Log" panel in the lower-left corner of the Main window's "Check Progress" tab, then all logged QSOs that have never been uploaded to Club Log ("Club Log" item is blank), and all QSOs that have been modified since last being uploaded to Club Log ("Club Log" item is 'M') will be uploaded to Club Log.

+ Additional information is available here:

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