Re: Odd problem with DXKeeper!

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below
I finally got around to applying to the League so that they would move my 800+ "New LotW QSLs" to the "DXCC Credits Awarded" column.  Then using DXKeeper, everything seemed to go smoothly during the Download, Analyze and Autolink processes, or so I thought since now there is a strange problem as described below.

In the last 2+ years I've made 25,000 (+/-) FT8 QSO's.  Because of this, I normally "Sync LotW QSOs" followed by "Sync LotW QSLs" a couple of times a day, usually finding that I have up to 50 new confirmations every 24 hours.  Since updating the database as shown above, now each time I "Sync LotW QSOs" followed by "Sync LotW QSLs", I am told that I have only 1 new QSL, but this QSL is not shown at the top of the log list.  Somewhere in my log file there is 1 or more QSOs that are causing the problem (I think), but I have no idea how to identify these problem log entries.

I realize I could restore my backup database file, but this would be a BIG process and I'm sure the same error would occur again.  Also this would mean that I need to import the newest QSOs from my WSJT file to DXKeeper.  All-in-all, I'd much rather find the problem in the database and fix it.  Can anyone help?

+There is no problem.

+ When you invoke "Sync LoTW QSOs" or "Sync LoTW QSLs", DXKeeper sends the date-and-time shown beneath the button, directing LoTW to report all QSOs accepted or confirmed (respectively) since the that date-and-time. LoTW ignores the time, reporting all QSOs accepted or confirmed since 0Z on the specified date. Thus QSOs accepted or confirmed on the last date a QSO was accepted or confirmed are reported each time you invoked "Sync LoTW QSOs" or "Sync LoTW QSLs". I consider this a defect in LoTW; not everyone agrees.


            Dave, AA6YQ




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