SpotCollector 8.8.3 is available

Dave AA6YQ

If you are using Windows Defender anti-malware, direct it to update its definitions from

before you install SpotCollector 8.8.3.

This release

- with an expanded spot database display row height, selects the correct spot database display entry when right-clicking (tnx to
Mark N1UK)

- correctly handles changes to the Spot Database Display layout made via keystrokes in the Layout panel on the Configuration
window's "Spot Database Display" tab

- prevents the loss of SQL filters (tnx to Dale AA1QD, Tom W1TJL, Jim KR9U, Parker W5ADD, Björn SM7IUN, Iain N6ML, and Nyles KS4S)

- adds the computed age (in minutes) to the tooltips for the LastTime and SpotTime fields (tnx to Jon KM8V)

- handles additional message fields sent by WSJT-X 2.3.0 (tnx to Bill G4WJS)

- responds to CTRL-C typed in the "Spots of" window's display of a Spot Database Entry's spots by copying those spots to the Windows

- displays the WSJT-X version number on the SC_WSJTX main window

- replaces 24 audio announcement files voiced by AA6YQ with new versions voiced by Joe DX (tnx to Peter K0PLT and Chuck NA6BR)

- updates the SpotDatabase.htm documentation file


1. Update your firewall and anti-malware applications to consider the new versions of SpotCollector.exe and SC_WSJTX.exe to be

a. 0/15 Jotti scanners detected malware in SpotCollector.exe

b. 0/70 VirusTotal scanners detected malware in SpotCollector.exe

c. 0/15 Jotti scanners detected malware in SC_WSJTX.exe

d. 2/70 VirusTotal scanners detected malware in SC_WSJTX.exe

c. SpotCollector.exe and SC_WSJTX.exe have been submitted to "Microsoft Security Intelligence" and found free of malware.

2. If this upgrade doesn't work correctly, see the "After an Upgrade" section of

3. After upgrading, to revert to the previous version of SpotCollector, see

SpotCollector 8.8.3 is available via the DXLab Launcher, and via


Dave, AA6YQ

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