Re: Bridge between N3FJP contest logs and DXLabs?

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Thanks for the responses. I have already handled the last contest with adif export. Just looking for something for next time.

What is the procedure for getting N3FJP and DXlab together for looking at an interface. Just asking! Both programmers seem to be open to suggestions.

+ I'm sure that Scott's enhancement list is as long as mine, so we'd both need to see a significant number of users of both applications who want QSOs logged in N3FJP to be automatically conveyed to DXKeeper. Note that this is not recommended for serious contesting, as the time required to move the QSO to DXKeeper, query for previous QSOs with the callsign, query the callbook, upload to Club Log, eQSL, and Club Log would not increase one's rate. Serious contesters should export an ADIF file after the contest is over, and import it into DXKeeper.

+ If the primary goal is to update SpotCollector's "need coloring" when a QSO is logged in N3FJP, then all that querying and all those lookups could be disabled, and then conducted en mass after the contest is over.


Dave, AA6YQ

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