Spinning Blue Circle of Death with DXKeeper on upload to eqsl.cc when record exists

Stephen ™

Hi Folks,

This is a report to see if others are experiencing the same issue....

Application: DXKeeper (past and present versions)

Stating condition: A record ALREADY EXISTS for one that is about to be uploaded either individually or in a stream of records to eQSL.CC

  • Upload one or several records... 
  • Upload stream encounters that record
  • DXKeeper starts an endless blue circle of death
  • No useful logging information is available as the "Blue Circle of Death" has locked up operation (otherwise it would have been sent).
Consistent behaviour with that observed with uploads to LOTW is anticipated (i.e. an abort message if a duplicate is encountered). Yes I realise that LOTW and eQSL work in very different ways and have completely differnet upload interfaces and specifications.

I restate that NO USEFUL LOGGING INFORMATION is available as things are locked up...

The situation is only "clearable" by:

  • Terminating the "zombied"-app at Task Manager,
  • Locating the records that have been uploaded to eQSL and manually deleting these uploaded records (including the record causing issues) 
  • Re-sending the entire upload stream again (hopefully with no further issues).

[ Perhaps an "edit" entry to MANUALLY OVER-RIDE the flag for whether a record has been uploaded to LOTW and eQSL is required to overcome this issue plus the already uploaded issue with LoTW??? ]


Steve I

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