Re: Warnings and Notices Always on Top

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

There are numerous times where DX Lab posts a warning or question in a small box that is typically located in the dead center of the monitor. Call book look up errors. Notices about overwriting entries or deleting entries, etc. Or, removing filters for saving a filtered log.

What often happens to me is that warning disappears under whatever window is occupying that space. This is really exacerbated if you have Windows configured so your hovering mouse opens a window. The warning or notice usually has be cleared before proceeding with whatever is being done.

I wonder is the warning/notice window can be made to be "always on top". That way, it won't disappear, go unnoticed and lock up everything when you typically are in the middle of something.

+ Yes, I could implement a new error/notice reporting mechanism whose window can be "always on top" (meaning that they will remain visible even if you drag another window on top of them), but I'm not inclined to do so:

1. Not everyone will want these windows to be "always on top", so I'd have to add an option to each DXLab application that governs whether error/notification windows are "always on top" or not; each new option adds to the user-perceived complexity of each application, especially for new users.

2. Each of those error/notification windows is displayed in response to a user action in a DXLab application; they do not appear spontaneously. When they appear, they are always visible; they only become obscured if another application window is placed or appears on top of them.


Dave, AA6YQ

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