Uploading to LOTW with different certificate

Jim N7US

I just operated in the BARTG RTTY Sprint contest as N7US/9, and I imported the ADI file from N1MM.  I do have a second LOTW certificate in TQSL for N7US/9, but I’ve forgotten how to upload to LOTW using N7US/9.


When I try to change my call in the TQSL panel of the LoTW tab panel of the DXKeeper QSL Configuration window, I get the error message below.  If the image isn’t conveyed, it says “the selected Callsign Certificate Woodstock, IL specifies Station Callsign N7US; you cannot specify a different Station Callsign.”



I’ve done this before and can’t see in the documentation how to do it.


Thanks for any help.


73,  Jim N7US


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