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I find it very easy and convenient to create an N1MM+ ADIF after the contest and upload it to DXK. I haven’t tried the N1MM+ DXK gateway yet. I also export a Cabrillo file from N1MM+ and upload it to the contest administration. 

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On Jan 12, 2021, at 12:11 PM, Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...> wrote:

+ AA6YQ comments below

While looking at dxkeeper in prep for wfd.  I did not find a drop down choice for wfd .

I did see fd option.

But The rules are different

+ DXKeeper's "Contest ID" selector is prepopulated with the contest names specified in ADIF:

+ but you can type in any "Contest ID" that you like.

+ Note that DXKeeper can only export a Cabrillo log for contests listed in the large table in

+ If you're serious about contesting, my advice is to log with N1MM. You can either export an ADIF file from N1MM at the end of the contest and import that file into DXKeeper, or you can employ the N1MM-DXKeeper gateway, which imports each QSO into DXKeeper as you log it in N1MM:


                Dave, AA6YQ

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