Re: WSJT-X 3 second delay in PTT of Commander

Jim N7US

I eliminated the delay with PTT using RTS for my K3S.  I have a microKEYER III but previously used a RTTY interface from AA5AU’s website that has PTT on the RTS line.


73,  Jim N7US


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Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2021 04:58
Subject: Re: [DXLab] WSJT-X 3 second delay in PTT of Commander


Played with this a bit yesterday.  When having WSJT-X talk to Commander, turning off Radio settings driving the mode does  eliminate the 3 second delay. But, it is a big pain to  have to get the K3 back to Data and then to the right Data Mode on every band change. 

For now, I'm going back to just turning off Commander for my relatively infrequent FT8 sessions, will post on the WSJT-X Group to suggest a fix in WSJT-X approach t that.

73 John K3TN


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