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Tom LeClerc

The propensity for browsers to handle and display things differently is so annoying.  At work, it has caused us to tell users which browsers are supported and which are not.  IE is going away so fast that we no longer support it as have most of the major corporations that are our customers in favor of Chrome.  Even Edge faces an uphill battle.  (Note this is not the end users - mostly business to business) but it's so bad that many functions just do not work in some browsers...

Good luck Dave!

On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 8:36 PM Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...> wrote:
AA6YQ comments below
Back at the radio now..... I agree that Pathfinder and Internet Explorer display the same content for VK4SX. However, the banner photo and 3 others in the body of the biography are sideways whereas in Google Chrome the same photos are flipped 90 degrees to the right and therefore right side up. It is not a problem for me, just a puzzle as to why it happens. Perhaps the answer lies in the EXIF data of the photos uploaded to QRZ?

+ Interesting, but I just don't have the time to determine why Chrome works one way and Internet Explorer works another. So long as Pathfinder and Internet Explorer are consistent, I'm a happy camper.


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