Re: Eliminating dupes?

Dennis, K2SX

Tnx for the info.
I went to the page on removing duplicate QSOs and was OK up to item 6.b. I
found the APP_DXXKEEPER_SELECT but then ran into problems of what to do. Do
I select " ", "Y", or "N". Once I do that, how do I add that column to
Log Page Display?
Dennis, K2SX

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+ AA6YQ comments below

After doing a contest using n1mm+, I normally upload an adif file to DXLabs,
usually a fairly short one, i.e. one from one of the CWTs. Sometimes I
upload the same file twice by mistake and then have to delete the duplicate
QSOs individually. When it's a small file, it's OK but when it gets into
the 100+ QSO range it's a PITA. Is there a way to eliminate duplicate QSOs
in one quick pass?
It gets complicated in that I also upload the file to LotW and some of the
QSOs will have LotW QSLs so I need to remove the QSO that does not have that
QSL info.

+ See " Removing Duplicate QSOs from the Currently Open Log" in

I realize that I can set the import to not allow any duplicate QSOs but
sometimes that can be self-defeating as well.

+ In what way is configuring the "Import QSOs" function to prevent duplicate
QSOs "self-defeating"?


Dave, AA6YQ

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