Re: : [DXLab] unable to upload DX Marathon

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below
I have tried a number of times to get my 2020 score sheet to populate i followed the directions by N6ML in the DXLAB wiki. (which may need a few wording changes ) all goes well till i get to the click ok in the special paste window when i click it i get an error (protected cells can not be modified)
i know i must be doing something wrong. have wasted 3 days trying to figure this out and now i am well pasted the submission deadline. so i may just junk the files and forget about doing the dx matathon as i always seem to have problems getting the score sheet to populate. i figure it is op error. even thought i read the directions every time really gets tiring

+ I assume that you are referring to the "Submission Scoresheet Generation using Using Open Office" section in

+ I don't use Open Office, but the "protected cells can not be modified" error message implies that you either didn't select the data correctly (steps 1b and 1c), or you didn't select the destination cell correctly (step 2a).

+ Life would have been easier for everyone had CQ DX Marathon simply accepted an ADIF file, but we're forced to deal with the added complexity of spreadsheets with protected cells. If you had Microsoft Excel installed, DXKeeper would populate the spreadsheet directly, with no manual cutting and pasting.


               Dave, AA6YQ



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