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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I am a hunter forr FF-references, SOTAs, Castle awards etc. I received an award WWFF-H-8544.

For BCA (Belgian Castles Award) i am Belgian number one in the Ranking. Very fine hobby!

All of the references from some activator, where always put togheter in the "Comment-box" of DXK.

+ The next version of ADIF will include a field for WWFF; when it's approved, I will add a WWFF item to DXKeeper, as I did for SOTA when it was added to ADIF.

+ Until then, you should configure one of DXKeeper's "user-defined items" to record WWFF tags. This Article shows how to do that, using POTA as an example:

A time ago <GMA> came to birth. I thought the idea was not to bad. All the different sites where to get the different awards came as a fusion, mastered by 1 person, on one site: GMA. (Global Mountain activity)

To receive an award, one had to upload part of the log in ADIF. format.

I exported the selected part of my log in <Standard ADIF>. I noticed there are 6 different ADIFs available.

But as a IT-dummy, i don't know what's the difference between them.

+ Those alternatives are described at the beginning of

+ You should choose "Export standard ADIF",


Dave, AA6YQ

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