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Onderwerp: ADIf export
Datum: Mon, 4 Jan 2021 17:42:29 +0100
Van: Eddy_on5jk <eddy_on5jk@...>
Aan: DXLab-forum <>

Best wishes again Dave.

For so many years i've been very happy with (in my eyes) de most perfect logging program: DXLab.

I am a hunter forr FF-references, SOTAs, Castle awards etc. I received an award  WWFF-H-8544.

For BCA (Belgian Castles Award) i am Belgian number one in the Ranking. Very fine hobby!

All of the references from some activator, where always put togheter in the "Comment-box" of DXK.

Sometimes 6 different ones. So far so good, i collected a bunch of Awards, the way it used to be.

A time ago  <GMA> came to birth. I thought the idea was not to bad. All the different sites where to get the different awards came as a fusion, mastered by 1 person, on one site: GMA. (Global Mountain activity)

To receive an award, one had to upload part of the log in ADIF. format.

I exported the selected part of my log in <Standard ADIF>. I noticed there are 6 different ADIFs available.

But as a IT-dummy, i don't know what's the difference between them.

Greatest desilution!  All of the references "in the comment field" of DXK are not accepted by GMA.

Now i do not know what to do. Quiting GMA ?

Finaly i got a mail from the boss, that i had to install and learn ""ADIF MASTER"". Then i should replace, delete manualy, rename etc. As a dummy i don't see what he wants me to do. Anyway to complicated for me.

I will send you his final conclusion and instructions to AA6YQ at ambersoft. Hope you can clear it out for me and others

Thanks Dave and the Gang.

Eddy ON5JK

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