Greetings!  I'm stuck right where KR9U landed, have reviewed many useful videos, docs & posts, but I'm still stuck!  Tone, not FSK, being transmitted using WW/RTTY-FSK.

Working OK: Commander rig control, WW/CW TX/RX and WW/RTTY-FSK RX
Not OK: WW/RTTY-FSK TX displays msg ok in WW/RX window, EXTFSK64 displays ok PTT on/off & encoded FSK in between, but rig only generates solid tone.

Equipment: Windows 10 with recently downloaded (from Icom) Silicon Labs CP210X USB to UART Bridge driver 6/20/19
IC-7300, single USB cable (with no "port splitter"); DATA  MOD/ DATA OFF MOD both set to USB

I've been a bit confused by DXLab's multiple locations to specify port settings (MMTTY, EXTFSK64, WW/PTT) and with "XCVR Control App" checked, have to wonder - besides the Port config setting in Commander - which of these of these are even relevant?  It is my understanding that all data - including radio control and fsk - will use this single USB cable between the PC & IC-7300, and that RTS/DTR do not need to be explicitly set.  (But as a husband and a dad, I'm familiar with "being wrong!")

Thanks and 73s for helping me out!
--John WA3KCP

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