Re: VUCC Verified status

Jim N7US

Got it, Joe! I hadn't looked at the QSL panel because it was LOTW.

73, Jim N7US

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"VUCC Vfy" is in the QSL panel of the log page display (main window).
It is the second option on the right end of the second row (top).


... Joe, W4TV

On 2020-12-29 7:11 AM, Jim N7US wrote:
I have two grids that I have received VUCC credit for but their VUCC
Verified status shows as Y, not V, in the VUCC Progress Report.  Both
have been received in LOTW, so the LotW rcvd box is a Y.

I don’t see the VUCCVerified textbox caption in any of the DXKeeper
panels, which I need to find to change their contacts to the V status.

/73,  JimN7US/

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