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Ted Boerkamp

HI do I get to the menu with the "Sync Lotw Qsls" button.
I know which menu I need but for some reason cant get to it. I know I am
doing something wrong.
Does this button automatically work on your entire log or only those
Qsos in the window above it?
Thanks again for the help.
73 Ted VE3SS

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DXKeeper filters the log page display to show most recent confirmations
(new) any time one runs "Sync LotW QSLs". I generally do "Sync QSLs"
one a week or so (plus any time I'm expecting a "new one"). That will
download new confirmations - no matter how old the QSO - and update


... Joe, W4TV

On 2020-12-28 1:02 PM, Ted Boerkamp wrote:
Hello Everyone....Just wondering if there is a standard practice or
procedure within DXLab to

sporadically recheck or update your LOTW for new confirmations?

How would I go back into my logs to check my entries from say a 160m contest
a year ago to see

If I confirmed any new states on 160?? When I submit a new batch of logs to
LOTW say after a contest,

sometimes you get confirmations right away and the others not because the
other op hasn't submitted

his logs yet or doesn't at all. So how long after do you keep trying for
more confirmations?

Any help or opinions are appreciated.

73 Ted VE3SS

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